Lebron Gets By With A Little Help From His Friends

Lebron James showed exactly why he was voted this year’s MVP. Cleveland’s 112-102 triumph over the Magic last night meant that Lebron and Cavs would live to see another day in the NBA playoffs.

James had his fourth career playoff triple double with 37 points, 14 rebounds, and 12 assists, as he pushed the series to 3-2 with the Magic having another chance to close it out when they return to Orlando to play Saturday.

Lebron and Mo Williams paced the Cavs to a game 5 win against Orlando.

Lebron and Mo Williams paced the Cavs to a game 5 win against Orlando.

I said a few days ago that Lebron’s kingdom was crumbling and it most certainly was. However, look what happens when he gets help from his teammates. The Cavs came out strong and scored a 2009 playoff high 35 points in the first quarter, setting the pace for the game, letting the Magic know they were not going to roll over and die. As most people could have guessed, the Magic came storming back to cut the lead to one and head into halftime with a score of 56-55 favoring Cleveland.

Lebron put his stamp on the second half as he either assisted or scored in 31 consecutive points stretching from the end of the 3rd quarter and deep into the 4th. It was great to see Lebron get his teammates involved as they rose to the occasion to contribute half of Cleveland’s 34 points in the 4th quarter.

Statistic of the night: In the entire game, Lebron alone had as many assits as the entire Magic team, 12.

4 of the 5 Cleveland starters scored in double figures, which is the first time that’s happend in the series. Mo Williams finally broke out of his slump as he scored a series high 24 points and went 6-9 from the land of 3. Finally, the supporting cast for Cleveland showed up to play.

If you were watching game, what really propelled James and the Cavs was his teammates ability to knock down open looks, which forced Orlando to spead its defense. This allowed Lebron to go one on one with Orlando’s Michael Pietrus, making him look helpless as Lebron torched him several times with an array of jump shots and strong drives and dishes.

Game 6 is on Saturday in Orlando. With their backs still up against the wall, will Lebron’s gang show up to bring the series back to Cleveland for a game 7 showdown?


5 Responses to Lebron Gets By With A Little Help From His Friends

  1. Pesk says:

    it shouldn’t be lebron’s teammates played well, it should be lebron let his teammates play. the cavs are a most boring team to watch as they run the same play over and over and over and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it because if lebron drives, falls untouched, hell still get sent to the line. there have been more than 5 examples of it just in this series alone. lebron tries to be the show and doesn’t let his teammates play. people love to say how his supporting cast isnt as good as kobe’s isnt as good as jordan’s but lebron doesn’t let them be good. he doesnt let them do anything because he runs the show and by saying he had a hand in X many points in a row is common sense because the cavs do the same thing every play lebron top of the key and a box around the floor. lebron drives either kicks to a wing or falls and gets a no contact foul called. its ludacris to compare him to jordan who played in an era where you could actually play defense still. i hope lebron never wins a championship, he doesn’t deserve it. he thinks its all about him and it was evident last nite when he basically acted like he is the game when he said tonite his role players played well. if i was a teammate of lebron i wouldnt play with him after that quote. and if i was the magic id foul lebron so hard on one of his drives down the lane that hell think twice next time about coming down it. watch one game and youll see how defense has to be played now. a defender cant get infront of a guy driving, mainly lebron, because they will be called for a foul. instead they have to resort to reaching in and lunging at him, which does nothing. the NBA is a joke and so is lebron.

  2. Taco says:

    to quote herm edwards “u play to win the game”, so if a particular play is working, why stop. Just cause its boring or doesnt involve a lot of movement doesnt mean its not effective. And i dont no if i would call lebron driving to the hole for an And1 throw down boring. second, lebron always lets his teammates play well, proven by the fact he finished 11th in the nba in assists and had a lot of triple doubles this year, showing hes more than just a scorer. so u cant say he doesnt let them do anything. maybe the reason he has been shooting so much this series is because his teammates arent performing. there has been countless instances where lebron has found a teammate for an open jumper and has missed. he is trying to do what any leader would do and carry the team when they are struggling. game 5 was a perfect example of him and the whole team gelling together and playing as a team.

  3. Pesk says:

    first off, he runs the entire offense so yes hes going to have assists i said that in my post. he hogs the ball so his always has a hand in scoring somehow. secondly, you quoted herm edwards….where is he now? yea thought so. maybe the reason he is shooting so much this series is because he knows the national spotlight is stronger than ever because its the playoffs and he is trying to put on a show to show his greatness. well thats not a good team, as evident by his post game quotes yesterday. the nba takes care of its future and thats why lebron is who he is. he gets call after call that shouldn’t have been called a foul. im not saying he isnt a good player, but as was evident when Kobe got tripped, that the nba favors lebron. if that was lebron thats a flarant and a suspension. lebron should work on one thing in practice, foul shots. its all he needs to hit 40 points every game especially with the refs blowing the whistle as soon as he steps in the lane.

  4. Rob says:

    pesk i have no clue why you are hating on lebron i commented on it in your facebook status and im going to do it again. you have no reason to say anything negative about him, it goes without saying hes the best player on the team so doenst that make sense he controls the ball. look at the lakers with kobe or the bulls with jordan, those two control the game themselves too and have the ball on nearly every single possesion just like lebron does. they shoot more than their teammates just like lebron, so if lebron has a weaker supporting cast which is very evident compared to kobes title teams and jordans title teams why the hell wouldnt he shoot more. both kobe and mj had other top 10 or 20 players of all time playing with them with shaq and pippen and lebron has an underachieving “point guard” in mo williams, he will win titles and will absolutely deserve them. also you comment on kobes trip, dahntay jones recieved a flagrant 1 for that which shows nothing of favortism for lebron, and even if they did favor lebron isnt that a smart business move for the league to push and promote their youngest and most marketable star of our generation? you gotta think these things over before you make stupid and pointless statements/arguments about lebron like that.

  5. Rob says:

    go bills, pesk is dumb, plus dont hate on tacos herm edwards quote, it makes sense, its a smart quote.

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