Are We All On Drugs?

Earlier this week the New York Times reported that Sammy Sosa was among the 103 players that tested positive for performance enhancing durgs  steroids during  the 2003 Major League baseball season. While this may seem like old news, no official evidence was ever found in the past accusing Sosa of steroids or PEDs, only the fact that he started hitting crazy amounts of home runs and got significantly larger.

He did testify in court a few years back stating he had never used steroids or any performance enhancing drugs. Nice going, Sammy. It’s funny how these athletes not only take steroids, but then lie to the court about it. This puts them in a completely separate bind because we all know that lying under oath is a crime, or maybe some people don’t know that, cough cough, Roger Clemens, Rafael Palmiero, Miguel Tejada, ah the list goes on and on.

Less than a month ago, Sosa made it known he was planning on officially retiring and would “calmly wait” for his induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013, his first year of eligibility. How do you feel about that now Sammy, you pompous jackass?

Having Sammy finally be recognized as a cheater PED user, it prompted me to take a look at the all-time career home runs list. It looks something like this…

       1.  Barry Bonds- 762                        17. Manny Ramirez- 533
       2.  Hank Aaron- 755                            18. Frank Thomas- 521
      3.  Babe Ruth- 714                                 24. Garry Sheffield- 507
      4.  Willie Mays- 660                             32. Jose Canseco- 462
      5.  Ken Griffey- 617                              37. Juan Gonzalez- 434
      6.  Sammy Sosa- 609                     44. Jason Giambi- 405
      7. Frank Robinson- 586                     80. Albert Pujols- 342
     8.  Mark McGwire- 583
     9. Harmon Killebrew-573
    10. Rafael Palmeiro-569
    11.  Reggie Jackson-563
    12.  Alex Rodriguez-562
    13.  Jim Thome-553

Okay, so let’s evaluate this for a minute. I have the top 13 in there, plus other notable players that are high on the home run list.

We all know that Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Palmeiro, A-Rod, Manny, Sheffield, Canseco, Gonzalez, and Giambi all did steroids. That means numbers 1,6,8,10,12,17,24,32,37, and 44 are all tainted.

That is just ridiculous. The only players in there that have not been seriously linked to steroids (most recent players) are Griffey, Thome, and Thomas, and Pujols. I threw Pujols in there for comparison sake because he is essentially the only player who is young enough and steroid free (or so we hope), to challenge any kind of home run record.

I could go through each and every person’s story about their steroid use, allegations, trials, and much more, but I will refrain.

The point I’m trying to make here is that we have heard of people using steroids here and there, but now it is getting to the point where it seems like almost every player was using them, or at least using some performance enhancing drug. With the most recent stories surrounding A-rod, Manny Ramirez, and now Sosa, it is really starting to shed even more light on just how prevalent steroids were in the Majors.

With this being said, I want to make people realize that steroids were all over baseball. Look at the names in the Mitchell Report (all 89 of them). They range from Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens (would you just give up already?, dude, you did drugs and cheated), and Brian Roberts to Adam Riggs. Who the hell is Adam Riggs?  It seems like any day now another name, big or small,  will surface and the baseball world will become less than less surprised. That’s how I feel.

For now, I will offer big congratulations to Griffey, Thome, Thomas, and all the old timers who made their way up the home run ranks. I will sing their praises until news reports discover that Griffey used a cork bat most of his career, Thome and Thomas actually did use steroids, and Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron were the inventors of steroids. I can only hope that is not the case.


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