About that guy who writes for Sports Festabule

I’m just a young adult looking to discuss sports and write about topics that I feel are interesting and important in the sports world. I would definitely consider sports writing as a career if the opportunity presents itself. Feel free to email me at matthew.festa@student.shu.edu or nike2532@yahoo.com for any other questions or comments.


3 Responses to About that guy who writes for Sports Festabule

  1. Rob says:

    yo, i wanna write a sweet guest entry on lebron and how people have been hating on him, let me know how and if i can write a little guest entry or be a cowriter from time to time on the sports festabule

  2. Mark says:


    The sports world has been running rampant with stories for the last few weeks; Kobe and his victory, the DL for the pitchers on the trade block, the Dante Stallworth sentencing, this is just too much not to write on. Unit 91, do you need my help? Do you need my assistance? Stop callin’ me radio and if you want a little extra contribution (ala Rob or myself), lemme know.

    Nice work by the way.

  3. Dom says:

    how is anyone hating on lebron rob? your crazy! everyone should start hating on lebron. There is a reason Kobe has that crown tattoo on his arm, he is the real king!

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